Bustani A5 type drawing book

This squared A5 type drawing book is the perfect pad for sketches, designs and notes. This refreshingly bright, turquoise cover is emblazoned with a string of arabic letters, in striking silver, showing the flowing elegance of Monotype’s, Bustani™ designed by Patrick Giasson and Kamal Mansour. 

The Bustani™ typeface is a typographic interpretation of Naskh, a principal calligraphic style of Arabic script and is the first OpenType® font to offer full classical Naskh contextual shaping, while supporting all the numerous languages that use the Arabic writing system without the need for auxiliary plugins.


Learn more about Bustani here

Set in Bustani by Patrick Giasson and Kamal Mansour

A5 (14.8cm x 21cm/5.83” x 8.27”)

Design: Monotype

Printed by: Classic Color